The Company

Our company is motivated to develop and produce advanced and original spinal fusion devices that improves the quality of life for a patient while also supporting their economic needs with a low cost product. Our team of engineers and surgeons create a highly operational company that excels in spinal fusion and develops patented devices to change the way of the medical field.


Spinal Balance’s mission is to design, develop and manufacture disruptive technologies that align with your values as a healthcare professional. We are improving implant delivery to the patient, patient outcomes, and surgeon experiences. Our company is motivated to provide unique economic value in the surgical setting without compromising the quality of life for a patient.

Spinal Balance Code of Ethics

We are committed to maintaining long-term, productive, business relationships with every one of our customers. We view each interaction we have with healthcare professionals, patients, and other customers as an opportunity to demonstrate our integrity. We will not engage in any unethical or illegal conduct as we conduct Company business. We do not disparage or make untrue statements about our competitors’ products or services. Instead, we stress the advantages that we have to offer and only make accurate and fair comparisons between our offerings and those of our competitors.